Hello, we’re Helen and David, the people behind Broadoak Coffee, a small coffee roasting company based in West Dorset.

Of course there are literally hundreds of people ‘behind’ our coffee and we hope we can do justice to their hard work and dedication in planting, tending, harvesting, packaging and shipping one of the world’s most beloved luxury commodities.

Whilst there are may ways to say how ‘green’ a company is, all we can say is that we are committed to maintaining a business that takes its responsibilities to people and earth seriously. We are a specialty coffee roasting company because buying this grade of coffee - the highest grade - is a way to ensure that we pay at least fair trade prices. We use bags that decompose, and boxes that can be recycled. Please let us know if you think we could be doing better, we’d love to hear from you.

As a luxury commodity we believe that no-one should get rich from selling coffee. We will be giving a portion of our profits to the Pilsdon Community, a registered charity, which is the place and people we call home. We will publish our financials on our website each year so you can see what we’ve given the community and also what we’ve paid ourselves.

Above all we hope you enjoy our coffee. We’ve long been enamoured with the small, slow ritual of making a good cup of coffee and then giving ourselves the space to enjoy it one sip at a time.

Thank you for allowing us to roast for you,

David and Helen

“We were given appetites, not to consume the world and forget it, but to taste its goodness and hunger to make it great.” ~Robert Farrar Capon