Do one thing well

At the very beginning, when Broadoak was still an idea, it was so encouraging to happen upon an older company, a big sister if you will, that was conducting their business in some of the ways we intended to.  Early on we discovered Hiut Denim and immediately loved their brilliant tag-line: ‘Do One Thing Well’. This company makes jeans. That’s it. And they make absolutely incredible jeans too.

We roast coffee.  That’s it. And I think it’s fair to say that we roast pretty great coffee too.  If you’ve seen our offerings you’ll know that we don’t roast a huge array of coffees either.  Just a few. We’d like to add to this in time, but for now it’s what we can do.

I know I am not alone in being easily overwhelmed when faced with too much choice.  I simply love the fact that there are people out there who aren’t seeking to corner as much of the market as possible, but instead know their limits and set them accordingly.  We want to salute you Hiut Denim for doing the thing that you came for, and doing it very well indeed.

David Aupperlee