It has been brought to my attention, in a very gentle manner, that the tone of my first two blog posts was, shall we say, on the serious side.  This is because I am by nature a very serious person and I think that there are always very serious things that need to be communicated and that somehow, if I communicate them faithfully enough, then perhaps I might add to the rescue effort already valiantly undertaken by many decent folks who are building rungs on the ladder out of the hand-basket in which we are hurtling towards hell.  See, I’m serious.  I did tell you.  

I have no idea how I can make this blog post about coffee, and in fact perhaps that shouldn’t be my goal at all.  Perhaps my goal should simply be good cheer.  These February days have a knack of making me feel down no matter how early the crocus and snowdrop appear (early flowers simply lead me along the path of bemoaning above-average global temperatures, and there we are again, hurtling towards hell in a hand-basket). So in the name of mirth and gaiety and all that is good, true and beautiful in the world I’m going to dig deep, I’m going to leave you with this:  

Last week a friend arrived from Vancouver, where David and I spent many happy years.  This friend is a person who is not as intimidated by or as suspicious of social media as we are.  She understands the irony in our starting a business that depends, in part, on an online presence!  She also has her own bitmoji.  That is, for any of you who need it, a tiny cartoon of yourself that you can send with messages.  It is absurd, it is funny.  Here is David:


(And no, of course I don’t have one.  I’m way too serious for that.)

David Aupperlee