Last weekend I went to Dusseldorf with my mother and sisters to see my elder sister’s art show at the Konrad Fischer Gallery.  Now, said sister has been an artist all my life and so I am not the least surprised to see her beautiful work over two floors of a large German gallery, but I was surprised to leave the show with a new understanding of my sister’s interiority.  All creative things are born within us. My sister’s work is so much a part of her self that by engaging with it I saw her a bit clearer, understood her a little more.

Everything we make - a sculpture, supper, a small business - is a showing of our inner landscape.  This is both liberating and scary. It means that you can learn something of both David and I as you engage with Broadoak Coffee.  Something of us is there in all the small ways we’ve chosen to create and run this company and it might not always be the best parts of ourselves that you see.  And that is the vulnerability of creativity.

You can find me in our small business but you might find the overwhelmed me, or the lazy me just as easily as you find the thoughtful me.  I’m realizing that it might take some time for me to be ok with you learning who I am through my business because I am by nature a very private person.  But if it is true that our deepest connections are made when we allow ourselves to be seen in our vulnerability, then heck, I’ll try not to hide our messy office or my feelings of overwhelm at being a new business owner because they are part of the same whole that also holds my pride at our lovely, tiny roastery and at the very fact of Broadoak Coffee, an actual business that we, incredibly, actually began.

David Aupperlee